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Elevate your brand with our premium seamless yoga leggings.  Show the world your unique vision with customer logos printed on high-profit yoga wear.  




Enjoy bespoke one-to-one service; We have salespeople for each clients‘ inquiry. Dive into a world of unparalleled support and customization now.

our dedicated experts are committed to your satisfaction, just as we are to our esteemed partners like Skims by Kim Kardashian. Yours to discover at service@fitfever.cn

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●●●Size Chart

LENGTH (CM) Kindly contact our sales for the size chart
and start your one-on-one service

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 ●●●Why It Can Elevate Your Sale

The front seam of these workout tights is knitted in one piece and has a unique anti-camel toe design, which can help women avoid embarrassment and give them freedom in sports.


These ladies sports leggings are designed with a high waist to prevent slipping while wearing. It can ensure that the wearer can keep your pants in place while doing any movement, making the workout more carefree. If the wearer likes it, they can also roll down the waist. No wonder it's one of the best tights for working out.


At the same time, it has a special jacquard design along the legs' sides, which can create a perfect leg shape and make your leg line more beautiful.


Even more prominently, these compression running leggings feature a jacquard knit construction that cinchs under the hips to lift the hips, as well as our signature Scrunch Design, which accentuates the hips and makes your body curves more visible. The large area of the buttocks is thinner but not transparent, this is to show the true full buttocks shape, and will not compress the buttocks


 Not only does this design make you look more elegant when exercising, but it also allows you to show off your training and inspire you to look forward to your next session.


Overall, these female gym tights are an ideal combination of comfort, functionality, and style that will find your style and inspiration whether you're a yoga enthusiast or a healthy lifestyle.


If you like these ladies gym tights but want to modify some details, don't hesitate to contact our sales. We can immediately arrange for pattern makers and factory managers to modify according to your requirements and customize a style that is exclusive to your needs, to promote your store sales and win you more customer love and a larger market share. We are the most professional seamless yoga pants production factory in China


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●●●Gross Profit Estimate

Gross Profit = Net Revenue - COGS (cost of goods sold)

= Selling price- (sourcing cost+shipping cost+marketing cost)
Usually, the sourcing cost for our active T-shirts is between 6usd-7usd. While the selling price can be 30usd-45usd. If the logistic cost is 1usd  per product and the market cost is 1usd per product. Then the gross profit is between 28usd-38usd.

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 ●●●Product Pictures


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    ● ● ● Which Color to Attract More Sales
    The gray color is reminiscent of a well-known yoga pants brand, whose founder is called Ben. Are you the same as I was thinking? The first impression of the gray pants is that they are high-end, noble, and want to have.

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    ●●●How to Make It Sustainable
    The fashion industry has paid more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, which is a global trend. We are working hard to achieve green transformation, advocating sustainable development in every process from production, textile to packaging.

    1. we can adopt recycled yarn to produce this garment
    2. we can use bio-degradable bags to pack your orders
    3. we advise sea shipping to reduce carbon footprint

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    ● ● ● Buyers Feedbacks
    1. "The workout wear from Fit Fever is well-priced for the quality. It offers great value for the money and I highly recommend their products."
       -- Mark, brand owner in Saudi

    2. "I appreciate the timely delivery of the workout wear from this factory. The orders always arrive on schedule, allowing me to stock my inventory efficiently."
       -- Jack, distributor in LA

    1. 3. "Fit Fever factory provides excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or issues promptly and professionally."
     -- Jennifer, distributor in Canada

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